A woman easily dealing with a flight delay.

The Challenge

Design consultation and solutioning for meaningful and sustainable business expansion for a travel company wanting to make the switch to a D2C model, with focus on a millennial audience


Undisclosed travel company *


Internal-facing concept video that demonstrates the happy paths of our prototype in situ


Creative direction, storyboards, UI, customer journey map design

Software Used

Figma, Keynote

An initial storyboard of our travel concept.

Shedding light on gaps and opportunities in the travel industry πŸ—Ί

[Our client] wanted to grow and adapt their business to complement the ways millennials travel. However, there's a plethora of existing apps and services that deal with the major aspects of trip-planning, like transportation, accommodation, booking activities, and they do it really well. So it begs a few questions... Why be a part of these oversaturated markets? What can we innovate at this point? How might we become the go-to solution for someone's travel needs?

The narrative arc we based our video on.

We collaborated with [our client] by hosting a concept workshop to get to a blue sky solution of where they can take their company next. Upon persona analysis and going through competitive/comparative audits, we uncovered that there was an opportunity to address the "in-betweens" of travel.

We've all been there: travelling abroad and then life throws something our way that we may not have planned for, like last-minute pet boarding, super long flight delays, or scrambling to find a place to hold luggage between checkout time and heading to the airport. What would be reassuring when dealing with a problem in an unfamiliar place? How can a spontaneous traveller get instant (self-serving) assistance? How can a "hardcore spreadsheet type" of trip planner find solace in the unknowns? How can one get their travel needs fulfilled whether they're on their honeymoon, on a business trip, or on their way home so not to catch COVID-19?

A businesswoman in a taxi getting new flight information.

Confidence wrapped up in an app πŸ“±

No matter what kind of traveller a person is or what type of trip they're on, a sense of confidence and reassurance is necessary for it to be successful. So our solution combines that with a proactive approach. [Our client] is either ahead of the curve or at the ready with a click of a button. Since we can't show our final video*, here are a few examples of the scenarios that were covered:

A man getting a doctor's help while travelling abroad.

*Please note–

Unfortunately, the full video is unavailable for public viewing. Despite being very proud of this project, I am unable to divulge who our client is and the details of this work online. Anything that would reveal the details of this work has been censored. Above, are screenshots from the final video.

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