A woman easily dealing with a flight delay.

Providing opportunities for business growth

We've all been there– travelling abroad and then life throws something our way we may not planned for, like flight delays or not having enough of the local currency. How do we get the help we need when we're not at home? This is where [our client] steps in. They want to help Canadian travellers 'breathe easier' no matter what kind of trip they're taking.

A businesswoman in a taxi getting new flight information.

At Engine Digital, we worked with [our client] to get to a blue sky solution of where they can take their company next in the business of travel. During a concept sprint workshop rooted in CX research, we determined that there was an opportunity to address the "in-betweens" of travel. There are many apps and services that exist, which deal with the major parts aspects of a trip like transportation, accommodation, booking activities, etc. so why bother being a part of that oversaturated market?

An initial storyboard of our travel concept.

The final deliverable was a high-fidelity prototype in the form of a video that showed overlapping journeys of travellers showcasing our product solutions in situ. [The client's] management team, including the CEO, was very happy with the concept and outcome. My role for this project was overall art direction, building out the customer journey map, storyboarding, and designing the UI incorporated within the video.

A man getting doctor's help while travelling abroad.

Please note–

Despite being very proud of this project, I am unfortunately unable to divulge who our client is and the details of this work online. Anything that would reveal the details of this work has been censored. The above are screenshots of the video we made in collaboration with one of our video production partners. Unfortunately, the full video is unavailable for public viewing.

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