A packaged pin.

solidarity & support for every menstruating human 🔴

What started as a Skillshare exercise to show my fondness for Drake, turned into a social initiative for me to help give back to my community. Our bodies are ours to worship, nourish, and love. Some people barely have the necessities to do as such, so with each purchase of a pin, all profits went to the purchase of reuseable pads and liners for menstruating humans who are in need. This is because I believe nobody should have to choose between a meal and their menstrual hygiene.

One of my happy customers sent me a picture of his pin on his backpack over a nice-looking view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

So in 2017, I released the pin for purchase on International Women's Day. Within a few months, I was able to raise $1000! (Thanks again to everyone who bought a pin from me.) I also wanted to spend this money meaningfully, so I bought Lunapads for various reasons: (1) they're women-owned, (2) they're based in Vancouver, (3) they're reusable which means that every person using these will divert waste and won't need to spend more money on disposables, and (4) every purchase from them supports One4Her which also provides washable pads to those in need.

A bunch of Lunapads that I sent to the YWCA.

The beautiful thing about this project was that some of the people who bought the pin also donated disposable pads and tampons for additional support. In the end, I was able to send a big happy package to the YWCA, a non-profit that helps women and children in my local community.