The homepage of when a person from Manitoba goes to the website.

a national initiative making (local) waves 🌊

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup used to have a problem. People thought that shoreline cleanups could only happen if they lived near an ocean. In fact, a shoreline is defined as wherever water meets land, so that includes the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

At Engine, we designed a system that makes it easier for people to get involved with shoreline cleanups. If a user is in Canada, the website automatically localizes their online experience to the closest city. Let's say that a visitor to the website is Manitoban. By default, they will see all the cleanups that are happening at the shoreline(s) closest to them, and images of local wildlife– that are affected by shoreline litter– are featured.

The GCSC map when a person from Manitoba goes to the website.

If no shoreline cleanup exists, then prompts will appear to encourage a person to start one in their community. We designed the maps to be high-contrast and with an extensive set of custom icons to help people better distinguish shorelines (and their "availability"). So if you're in Canada, check it out, take action, and make a difference.