A special Electrical Safety Day quiz activity for middle- and high-school students.

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Power Smart for Schools (PSFS) is an educator's dream. It provides resources related to five topics: conservation, electricity, energy, safety, and sustainability, all for free. We designed and built this platform with B.C. teachers' needs in mind; they are able to peruse through different activity- and lesson-types, from games and quizzes to discussion prompts and videos. Educators are then given all the support they need for each individual activity: instructions for the exercise, supplementary files and worksheets, and ideas to modify the activity that would best suit other teaching and learning styles.

An example of what a conservation quiz activity looks like.

A complex visual design system was built to make it easier for teachers to navigate the site, as seen mainly through the use of colour, search and browse options, iconography, and the use of "papercraft" objects vs. physical ones. For instance, special "events" hosted by the PSFS team use the papercraft aesthetic because the activities offered here are only available during that time; so the temporality is reflected in the material. (We physically make and photograph these objects and scenes for every event.)

The beautiful part of this project is that it's still not done; the site that launched in 2017, is not the same site it is today because we're constantly collaborating with the client to upgrade it to its full potential, and I am stoked to be a part of its growth.

Take a look for yourself.

The PSFS website in topic mode in tablet, and homepage takeover mode on desktop.

Accolade received for this project

Vancouver UX Awards 2018