Someone looking at a mobile phone with an Ocean Wise story on the screen, while jellyfish float in the background.

the ocean has many stories to tell 📖

And so do the creatures who are in, around, on top, and underneath it. In collaboration with Ocean Wise, our job at Engine Digital was to help share these narratives in compelling ways, so that the next generation of ocean conservationists could engage easily, yet meaningfully.

First, we developed a flexible framework of constructing stories. The idea was that a story could be built, not just with words, but also with images, videos, quotes, and interactive elements. Together, these elements could weave into one cohesive narrative. On their own, each "bite-sized" part could act as a shareable moment or as a springboard for further investigation (also known as a "deep dive"). Essentially, we wanted to build linear narratives that could be delineated at any point and by anyone, depending on a person's level of curiosity and fascination of the topics at hand.

Check it out for yourself.

Our versatile and flexible mobile templates allow for different types of layouts and interactions.

Accolades received for this project

Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award 2018: Photo and Visualization Finalist, RGD So(cial) Good Design Award 2018, Vancouver UX Awards 2017 Finalist