#Touchpoint2015's official poster, brand by Josh Chisholm + Trixie Calaquian (1/3) A poster for the promotion of Riposte – a smart magazine for women (2/3) Featured in exhibitions in Australia + Hong Kong for Positive Posters 2012 (3/3)


'Coffee' business card.

Business card rations were running low, so I updated my set of cards to match the colours of my portfolio, and included new "menu items". The consistent reaction from people I gave my previous card to were always positive, so I kept the same concept.

Sprinkles of sugar and rings of smoke livens up a cup of coffee (1/6) A frosty and bubbly mug of beer is a great thirst-quencher, dontcha think? (2/6) Tea is relaxing, so this is a card I'd share with some chill and/or yoga-loving folks (3/6) Whether the weather, I'm down for some Earnest, Soft Peaks or Bella Gelateria (4/6) People who I might connect with on deeper levels will get upgraded to lunch! (5/6) If you need a contract designer, I'm only an email, phone call or tweet away (6/6)


The official NAC business card.

A card for my client who an investment firm. I played with the contact portion to have it look like a legal document. The final card was printed with a silk matte laminate finish on 16pt cardstock.


Stacks of KeyStep Business Cards

Played around with layout and type for a more corporate look. The final card was printed with a silk matte laminate finish with spot UV treatment on the logo.


The official GradusOne business card.

To match the brand message, I initially thought of designing for frosted plastic cards (see below), but because we could only print on one side it was rather limiting for my client. The final result was printed on 16pt cardstock with a silk matte laminate finish and spot UV treatment.

The business card (frosted plastic) that could've been for GradusOne.


'Coffee' business card.

I took Ellen Lupton's Skillshare course and her project was to design the typographic composition for a business card. Although I typically work with sans-serif, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with slab and handwritten typefaces.

Lagers, ales, pilsners, stouts, porters, blondes, creams, honeys, wheats? I'm down! (1/5) The triangles stem from the abstraction of loose leaf tea and teabags (2/5) Inspiration for this card is based off of the fun striped straws from milkshakes (3/5) Didn't print this card because it wasn't asking for a drink, but can't help but dig it (4/5) The classic doughnut with coffee-combo inspired this one; my most popular card (5/5)

Besides using various typefaces, I also used bright colour palettes and vibrant patterns to reflect my bubbly personality.'s printfinity made multiple designs possible.