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16 designers. 13 comrades. 8 cities. 2 months. Countless Aperol spritzes. Overall, the italiaDesign Field School was an enriching experience that exposed us to the cultural context in which Italian design is cultivated in.


Get the full experience on our website or watch on Vimeo.

We were fortunate enough to schedule appointments with Italy’s established and emerging designers, architects and innovators to film them in their studios and interview them to ask about specific works and their design philosophies.

Spending time at a gallery in Milan that was showcasing Marco Zanuso Jr.'s works (1/4) At the Segis HQ in Umbria, interviewing the charming Franco Dominici (2/4) In Florence, Andrea Ponsi showed us his amazing drawings and watercolours (3/4) At Accurat's studio in Milan setting up for a different angle (4/4)

Along with my teammate, Vivian, we interviewed graphic design studio Glasfurd & Walker, product designer Alessandra Baldereschi, founder of Zetalab Lucio Luzo Lazzara and gallery director Paolo Cavallo at Campari.

Get the full experience on our website or watch on Vimeo.


Get the full experience on our website or watch on Vimeo.

In between interviewing and relaxation, we made several cultural films to capture our perspectives, the particularities and the people of the cities we visited. We spent time speaking with locals (in our best Italian) and observing the scene to get an honest portrayal of each city.

Get the full experience on our website or watch on Vimeo.


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As we were the eleventh team to embark on a design field school from our university, we built upon a legacy of research and the tradition of sharing this knowledge with our peers through a website. Take a look!


IdN Magazine, CSS Author, CSS Reel (Winner of the Day), CSS Winner (Website of the Day), Notation Quarterly, 2014 Vancouver Design Week, 2014 Vancouver UX Awards (Finalist)


Researcher, Interviewer, Assistant Director, Note-taker, Video Editor


Cultural Research, Video Filming, Video Editing, Sketching, Interviewing


Sean Brouwer, Juan Henao, Roxanne Henschke, Scott Horsfall, Vivian Hu, Aaron La Lau, Liam Leyland, Terrence Ma, Sonya Spowage, Russell Taylor, Taylor Ward, Judy Zheng