Nothing says 'August' like ice cream! (1/4) Close-up of an ice cream cone (2/4) The pinkest of creamsicles (3/4) A sundae with all the fixin's (4/4)

For Christmas 2014, I illustrated a calendar for a significant other. The images are based off of inside jokes and noteable dates, and the quirky/lame names of the months are "Tom Haverford-isms". This is a small compilation of selected illustrations.

In 2011, when we first started dating, we went to the Sasquatch Music Festival (1/4) October is his birthday month, and he has helluva sweet tooth (2/4) Bill Reid is a late Canadian artist who means a lot to us; this is a bronze bear head (3/4) On a road trip, we made a stop at Brandywine Falls– this is what he called it (4/4)

I kept the artwork in an alternating pattern of monochromatic pinks and indigos, and printed the calendar on white cardstock, bound together by a prong fastener.


'Laging huli' means 'Always late' (1/2) Colour + pattern isolation (2/2)

As a fan of Aaron Draplin's work and overall demeanour, I was stoked to see that he was teaching a Skillshare course about logo design. This is the humble result of his wonderous teachings.

Visual summary of the Mesina family.

Above is a visual summary of my family's geographical roots and immediate family tree. Mr. Draplin had asked us to look into any bits of ancestry and family meaning for inspiration. My current crest is based on my family's various ethnicities and the meanings of my parents' first names.

Crest iterations, exploring colour and imagery.

Above are explorations in form and colour. The top half (above the banner) represent my parents; my mom's name, Remedios means "remedy" and my father's name Leopoldo means "bold lion". The bottom half represents our deep-rooted faith. The five banana leaves represent each person of my immediate family.


My 'work' ethic (1/5) I never say no to ramen (2/5) All about that yoga + lululemon (3/5) What time is it? Pow time! (4/5) I'm really bad at basketball actually (5/5)

In 2013, it was a big deal for me to get a Dribbble invite. So when a close friend of mine offered me an invitation, I was all over that, but I felt pressured to make an awesome first shot. So I decided to make an illustrative .gif about the type of person I am.


My family in a Brady Bunch-styled grid.

I illustrated my family in Brady Bunch-style for my parents' 36th wedding anniversary on July 7th, 2013. (That's right, they were married on 07/07/77.)